is a non-profit project with a goal to provide you with live sports’ events streaming at your demand. The name of the website comes from the original website – dot com, which was closed in Feb 2012 by the US authorities. Although this website is now forbidden for the US and UK, we believe that we give a new life to an idea in the EU. And Ideas, as we know from V for Vendetta, are bulletproof.

Our team

We are a small team of devoted football, basketball, tennis and hockey fans, who decided to create this project and help everyone (excluding the US because of legal issues) watch their favorite sports online for free. Just like we do, on our own website. We added “Just” to, because the sole purpose to our site is only this – to let you watch your sport online for free, without too many annoying ads. The ads you see on streaming videos and/or the player, are not there because of us, this is the only way that the streams stay open and free to everyone. We encourage you to share this website to every fan you wish to, and keep on following your favorite teams and their game with passion! Because we believe that fear drives us backwards with anxiety, status quo makes us stuck and sleepy, and only passion moves us forward with joy!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please check on our Contacts page.

Yours sincerely, Team.