Our Site is an EU online platform, streaming live football, basketball, tennis, boxing, hockey, rugby, moto GP, snooker and many other sports events. The service is completely free.

There are no hosted videos or streams on this site, and no ads. This site works exclusively with non-copyrighted content, collected from non-copyrighted live streams all over the Internet. The only purpose of this humble project is to share live sports events, tournaments and championships completely free with every fan who wants to watch it, FREE.

Our Site is a heir of the popular US site Our Site.com which was seized by the US Department of Justice on February 2, 2012 (more info here) . We believe this is unjust and this is the reason we created JustOur Site.com.

However, our site is prohibited to US citizens. If you are one and believe that your rights are violated, please contact your government in whichever way you find appropriate.

The rest of you – have a good time on our site, and watch your favourite Our Site with us! Yours sincerely, Our Site’ team.